BB King and Ray Goren

Ray Goren Pays Ultimate Respect to the King of the Blues, BB King


Excerpted from the Review of the gig in Monterey at Golden State Theatre where Ray Goren & The Generation Blues Experience opened for BB King!  BB King and Ray Goren

Ray Goren

12 years old. A band came out on stage to open for the legend, B.B. King, and this kid – 12 years old! – comes out to front on lead guitar and vocals. What was more surprising is the gifts that this musician possesses. He is a real phenomenon, and you sit there not believing what you are seeing and hearing… It was really one of the most unbelievable moments I’ve experienced at any concert. Amazing.

Who is this kid? Truly, what this kid is capable of on stage is staggering. And I actually feel kind of bad referring to him as a kid, but he is only 12 years old. His guitar playing reveals the soul of a man who has lived life… that is what is so amazing. He also has a stage presence, at times leading the band through changes with equal measure of respect and confidence, like the principal conductor of an orchestra – only the orchestra is an incredible blues and rock group.

And as if the rest of his set was not amazing enough (along with highlights and moments from other members of the band – all incredible musicians), for the last number, after making his guitar come alive in ways I’ve rarely seen from life long professional musicians – he switched spots (and instruments) with the keyboardist, and started an incredible blues riff on the keyboard.

If this kid has this much talent at age 12, I have to imagine some day, everyone will know his name. And I will never forget his performance. People can’t be taught such talent – they are born to share their art with the world, and Ray Goren has an early start.


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